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Signing Up for STIMS (Student Team Information Management System):

For all robotics team members:

1) Visit this page

2) Click “New Youth User” at the bottom right of the screen. This will open a form to be completed by the student.

IMPORTANT: When completing this form, you will find four colored boxes referring to different competitions. Select “Did not participate” for all boxes except the bottom right one that reads “FIRST Robotics Competition Program Participation”. Select the option reading “2015-2016 TBD (FRC)”.

3) The legal guardian will need to fill out the majority of the information for the student. After activating your account, you can sign into STIMS, and fill out each section (User Profile, School, Consent Form Status).

IMPORTANT: When signing up for the FRC in the STIMS dashboard, the team number for the SPP Robotics team is 5438. Once you enter this in “Team Number”, it will automatically bring up our school information.